The correct legal terminology of the used language

Only a professional translator who is expert in legal translations can offer an accurate service.

Judgments, Contracts. Law does not admit mistakes

To know Countries’ legal system is essential as well as to use the right terminology

Legal language is particular and requires an in-depth knowledge of legal systems of the Countries to which the document is destined and the ability to make very different legal institutions understandable in the target language. Only a professional legal translator is able to do it.

It is obvious that even and above all in the legal field terminological precision, stylistic accuracy, and translation completeness (without omissions) are unavoidable. A mistake or an omission may create serious problems to those who need the translation of delicate documents, such as contracts. For this reason, this kind of translations should be entrusted to specialised professionals.

The importance of Legal Terminology


General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Distribution Agreements, Supply Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Licence Agreements, Employment Agreements, Financing Agreements, Public Contracts, and Confidentiality Agreements.

Judgments and Arbitration Awards

Judgments of Tribunals of First Instance, of Courts of Appeal and of the Court of Justice of the European Union, divorce judgments, arbitration awards, and writs of summons.

Certificates and diplomas

Certificates of birth, marriage, and death. Primary and secondary school Diplomas, Bachelor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees. Training certificates in general.

Successions and donations inter vivos

Last Wills and Testament, acceptance of an inheritance, and donations inter vivos.



Texts, brochures, websites, depliants, press releases, and catalogues


Company policies, internal communications, and commercial correspondence


Contracts, notarial deeds, judgments, sworn translations, legalized translations, and EU documents

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