I am Gabriella Tindiglia

English, French, and Spanish Translator

Translators do it better… than Google Translate


Brochures, guides, websites, and much more: the right translation for a correct comprehension.

Legal and Commercial

Communicating in a simple and immediate way with the perfect style.

We communicate with people of different cultures and languages.

Translating is building a bridge across different cultures.

Today more than ever, communicating with people of different cultures and languages is essential. If you want to be sure that your message achieves your intended goal, whether it be of a commercial or personal nature, it is advisable to rely on the knowledge and expertise of a professional translator.



Texts, brochures, websites, depliants, press releases, and catalogues


Company policies, internal communications, and commercial correspondence


Contracts, notarial deeds, judgments, sworn translations, legalized translations, and EU documents

My blog

Learn something more about the world of translations.

Translators do it better… than Google Translate

The importance of a right translation and of a correct interpretation of the text is indispensable for anyone who found their communication on comprehension among cultures. We cannot and should not rely on machines, which, despite their convenience and efficiency, will never succeed in communicating with the right significance our thoughts and our words.

Translations of texts, brochures, and catalogues

Translating the texts in a simple and direct way, but so that they reflect the real meaning is not a service to entrust to a robot.

Reviews editing and proofreading

It is always very complicated to revise, edit, or proofread other colleagues’ work, you need to have sensitivity, discretion, and knowledge of what your partner wants to communicate.

Sworn Translations

I specialised in legal translations, i.e. the translations of deeds that need to be sworn in Court in order to be valid in Italy or abroad.


In some cases to swear a translation is not sufficient. This must be also legalized so that the document is valid in Italy or abroad. Legalization is the official certification of the legal quality of the person who has signed legal deeds. In essence, it is a signature authentication. For certain Countries adhering to The Hague Convention of 1961 an Apostille is sufficient.

Commercial and so on

For a company that has international relations and wants to be successful, communication is essential. A right translation of commercial actions, of company policy, and of products and services that are provided is of crucial importance. The same importance is also to have contracts that are translated accurately, do not leave anything unclear, and safeguard the same company.

Something about me

Keen on travelling since I was a child, the interest towards cultures, and therefore languages, of Countries other than mine has been a natural consequence.

Study, personal readings, and the constant attendance to industry workshops and conferences (valuable moments of meeting and networking) make me an accurate and reliable partner, attentive to technological developments in the translation field.

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