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Communicating in a simple and immediate way with the perfect style.

Commercial Communication with the right style

Company communication is based on a deep knowledge of Company Policies

Translating company policies, codes of conduct, business plans, and financial statements requires a terminological accuracy that only a professional translator can offer.

In order to well perform his/her duty, the translator must search for information about the company and the idea that the latter wants to give of itself outside, so that to convey the company’s message correctly and completely. Furthermore, the translator must demonstrate to be humble by accepting and using the terminological solutions desired by the company, which sometimes are provided to him/her in the form of glossaries.

International Commercial Communication

Company Policies

Guidelines and internal rules to which a company adheres in performing its activity, which can involve human resource management, internal document management and internal processes, whether computerized or not.

Codes of conduct

Ethical Codes or Codes of conduct of employees and officers of a company, i.e. how the latter must behave in certain circumstances and the prohibitions that they have to comply with (e.g. the prohibition to accept and offer gifts to public officials for corruption purposes).

Financial statements and annual reports

The financial statement of a company is a document that the latter is required by law to prepare every year and to make it public for its shareholders and investors. Among the mandatory documents that a company must draw up or have drawn up there are also the Directors’ Report and the Auditors’ Report.

Extracts of the Chamber of Commerce Register and other certificates

The extracts of the Chamber of Commerce Register are those documents that attest the registration of a Company in the Company Register of the Country it belongs to. Another document to be filed with the Company Register is the certificate of incorporation of a company.



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Company policies, internal communications, and commercial correspondence


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